Monday, August 11, 2008

Tukatech launches Tukacad.Net suite

The flexibility to toggle between print design and pattern design has never been more fluid than in the innovatively designed Tukacad.Net suite.
Tukatech, continuing with its garment technology innovations, recently launched TUKACAD.Net suite, a fully integrated, seamless software that inexpensively permits the user to:
Develop fabric prints and color-ways and storyboards Use prints, plaids or graphics to make 2D patterns Print fabric digitally (focusing only on the covered area) Grade patterns Make costing and production markers. According to a company spokesperson, “This seamless integration provides the speed and accuracy essential to reduce product development time. The flexibility to toggle between print design and pattern design has never been more fluid than in the innovatively designed TUKAcad.Net suite.”

In other TUKATECH news, the company has opened new offices in India and added new distributors/agents in countries including India, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Italy and Pakistan. Plans are underway for additional offices to open in Honduras, Nicaragua and Bulgaria.

TukaCad 2007

TUKAcad 2007 - Pattern Design, Grading & Marker Making Software :

TUKAcad is a user-friendly, sophisticated production suite that combines pattern making, grading and marker making into one unified package. All-new video training lessons are included to help you get productive quickly. TUKAcad 2007 also has advanced features for pattern card creation, marker generation and built-in plotting and email services. Now you have even more power to realize your ideas quickly and accurately.

TUKAcad is the complete software and hardware solution for computerized pattern making, grading and marker making on a personal computer & can be operated on Microsoft Windows 95 and upwards or Windows NT. TUKAcad has multi-tasking & Multi-user operation ability, built-in e-mail & Automatic data maintenance. Also, it features Digitizing, First Pattern Design, Pattern Alterations, Auto patterns, Grading, Style Definitions & Various other feature.

Also TUKAcad can be operated in as many as 12 languages & is compatible with serveral other CAD systems & formats, like DXF, GERBER file format, DFT, HPGL, CADL, IGES and ANSI/AAMA.

TUKAcad can be used for printing reports, plot patterns, graded nests or full size markers, TUKAcad System is designed to support the most common and standard hardware peripherals, including TUKAjet High Speed Plotters, HPGL, DMPL, IOLINE, NUMONICS, SUMMOGRAPHICS, CALCOMP, WILD and GERBER ACCUPLOT etc. For numerically controlled cutters, TUKAcad System is designed to run several models of TUKATECH cutters and Super High Ply Cutter, GERBER cutters, Cutting Edge etc.